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Karno Energy helps our clients develop and implement a BIM strategy for a specific company. The biggest challenge for companies when using BIM is the question of how and where the application of the methodology can create added value https://karnoenergy.com/bim-consulting-services/ . As part of the Karno Energy assessment, we analyze our clients’ current level of BIM maturity and thus can develop a customized strategy for successful implementation, application and expansion of the method.


In our view, BIM is at the core of digitization in construction and real estate. However, in addition to Karno Energy BIM, digitization offers many other topics of potential relevance to our clients. Data analytics, blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), wearable devices or innovative IT management systems are examples of our clients’ digital application areas. Therefore, we do not see BIM as an isolated solution, but rather as part of a holistic but individual digitization concept that we develop together with our customers. The top priority of our consulting services is always to achieve the client’s goal and create added value for the company and the project.


From the development of the company’s target image, through the assessment of the potential for digital optimization, to the implementation of measures, we accompany our clients on their digital transformation journey. We do not leave you alone with the digitization of your company, but are happy to support you with accompanying change management and support throughout the project.


Karno Energy – services provided in practice


The Karno Energy BIM strategy is part of a holistic, company-specific BIM concept. The first step of the BIM strategy is to define BIM goals before expanding the BIM application and catalog of measures. In what applications does BIM make sense in your company and what specific uses are relevant? By prioritizing measures, we work with you to develop a customized BIM roadmap. In addition to BIM, the BIM roadmap also takes into account other relevant digital initiatives in your company and integrates them into a holistic concept.


Experience from numerous Karno Energy projects has shown that taking into account a company’s individual starting position is a critical success factor for sustainable BIM implementation. Against this background, Karno Energy’s consulting approach emphasizes a thorough inventory of the organization in the first phase in order to precisely define the requirements for implementing the BIM method.


Karno Energy structures your company’s BIM assessment and BIM strategy around five factors. The focus is always on the human factor. In addition, the current level of BIM maturity is assessed in relation to the company’s processes, technologies, data and framework conditions.


The results of the evaluation and the resulting BIM roadmap also serve to be able to make a qualified statement about the internal and external resources required for a BIM application. In this way, our concept serves as a reliable basis for decisions regarding upcoming investments

Karno Energy: BIM implementation services


Karno Energy not only supports our clients with a strategic focus, but also actively assists in implementing measures for successful BIM implementation. The starting point for our clients is not always the same. On the one hand, Karno Energy advises clients as part of a BIM assessment during the first phase of developing BIM implementation measures before we implement them. On the other hand, we also help clients who already have a very concrete idea of the necessary implementation measures with their successful implementation in their company.


Basically, the implementation of BIM requires external but also internal resources to implement the necessary measures. As part of the BIM strategy and the development of the BIM implementation concept, the necessary measures are first defined and potential responsibilities are allocated.


Karno Energy’s BIM implementation services include organizational and project services. Based on BIM objectives, we develop BIM application areas and define specific BIM use cases. Practical requirements and measures are the result of use cases. The development of company-specific BIM standards (e.g., AIA, BAP, IDM, or modeling guidelines)) – One of the main measures of BIM implementation. Through workshops and in-depth interviews, we support our clients in developing customized requirements for BIM implementation measures. Karno Energy requires software-independent consultation. In this context, we also help companies with the definition of software requirements and the subsequent selection of software with the development of a decision-making framework. We also support clients in tendering and evaluating external partners in terms of their BIM competence.


BIM is a new way of working. The ability of employees to use BIM correctly is a key success factor in the implementation of BIM. That’s why Karno Energy has specialized in BIM competence from the beginning and is a pioneer in Germany. We support our customers in developing and implementing a company-specific training concept. Individuals can use our range of courses with our cooperation partner as a BIM qualification.


In addition, with Karno Energy’s change management services, we help companies increase acceptance of the new way of working among employees and external partners. We do not leave you alone with the implementation of BIM in your company, but also support you with accompanying support throughout the project.